Naughty or Nice, Checking It Twice

My love of Santa (and specifically Smoky Mountain Santa) is well known.  I respect the tradition and legends that bring Santa to us and that encourage hope and expectation in the lives of our children.  In the last 7 years, I’ve seen “Santa” deliver some pretty big miracles for people of all ages and stages through the work of his helpers.  It is a common legend and spirit that people of almost any faith or creed (or of no faith or creed) can work through and with in their own good deeds.

My children know that I love Santa and that I know the “real” Santa who comes to many of the great events in Haywood County.  I’ve never been one to use Santa’s naughty and nice list as a parenting tool on a regular basis because I want my kids to love the spirit of Santa as much as I do.  Recently, my seven year old son was having a particularly hard evening.  He stopped himself mid-tantrum and said, “Mom, do you think I’m on Santa’s naughty list?  I really want something besides coal.”  My response: “If your behavior doesn’t improve drastically, I’m sure you will be on the naughty list for me.”

About that time, my eight year old daughter chimed in, “It’s OK.  Santa loves Mom so much he would never leave you coal!”  I guess it is a good thing I don’t use that as a tool in my quiver!

I’ve added some pictures to the Facebook page so check them out if you get a chance.

2012 10-20 FTE Final Day  (20)

Remember to shop local during this last week of the year. As you celebrate your traditions with your family, friends and loved ones, take time reflect on your blessings, spread some joy to those around you and have some fun!!

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