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Blogging Away the Day

I’ve decided that Fun Things Etc needs to add a blog.  My reasoning on this is simple:  we have a great deal to share with our friends in the electronic realm.  More than will fit in a weekly email.  More than make sense to post on Facebook.  A blog will allow those people who want more information to get it when we have it.  And if you get enough of us through the weekly email or Facebook posts, then you don’t have to scroll through the blog post!

So I guess you are wondering what it is we have to share.  It will vary from post to post.  Sometimes it will be about what is going on around us: merchant, gallery, restaurant and venue happenings.  Sometimes it will be about what is going on in the community surrounding us: festivals, sports, dancing, singing, performances, fundraisers, events.  Sometimes it may just be me wanting another outlet to talk.

I may publish new blogs every few hours (if they are short), every day, every few days or every few weeks.  It really just depends on how many people start to read and what is motivating me to write at that time.

I hope you enjoy our posts and will comment and spread the word.