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An Update on Things

Greetings to you all!

I need you to do two things:  “follow” my blog so you can get updates directly from me  and remember that I have cornhole bags and display units to sell.

Now, I want to catch you up on the happenings around here!

In late August 2012, I announced the closing of Fun Things Etc, the retail toy store in downtown Waynesville.  It was a hard decision that took months of prayer, study and conversation with key people in my life.  You have all heard the story by now I am sure but here is a recap:

Fun Things Etc was open for 6 and one-half years in Waynesville.  For the most part, these were fun years with many wonderful blessings.  But over time, my hours at Fun Things Etc increased and my time with family decreased.  We managed this through the grace of God for several years.  In the last year, things have changed in our family dynamic and so my focus needs to shift.  My roles as mom and wife are second and third only behind my role as a child of God.  So as the shift continued, my husband and I prayerfully set “markers” to measure our progress; time spent with kids, time spent with extended family, time at Fun Things Etc, financial goals, social outreach goals.

As time marched into the summer, we made the difficult decision that the shop would close because the goals were not being met.  I discussed timeframes and timelines with my landlords and my vendors.  A public announcement was made.  A party was thrown in early October to allow for closure for me and for you, my friends and customers.  After this, I stayed for the festivals to sell displays and remaining merchandise.  Then, I made a donation to Toys for Tots and the Second Blessing at the Open Door.  I moved the remaining displays and demonstration merchandise to storage units and cleaned.

On November 7th at 1pm, I turned in my keys.  I’m still working through details and finances and closing out things from an administrative level.  (I’ll be working on that for awhile.)

So here I am now:  I’ve got some time on my hands while the kids are at school.  I love being “in the know” about events and activities.  So I’ll be blogging about the activities and events in Haywood County and the surrounding region.  If you have events that you want me to post, you should get information to me.  Some of it will be re-posted on Facebook.  Some of it will find its way to my blog.

I’ll be doing some other things too: selling cornhole bags (I’ve got them if you need them!); teaching some social media seminars through the Small Business Center; selling displays and racks on Craig’s List and EBay and in the Classifieds; writing some grants for some local non-profits; and other fun things.

Mostly, I hope to focus more time and energy on my family and their needs.

Thanks for reading!