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Blah blah blog…..What do you think?

What are you doing?  How are you?

Why did you read this blog post today?  What will have you coming back time after time to this site?   I want to incorporate your answers into myballoons planning as I look ahead to the new year.

I don’t ever intend to replace the newspapers or magazines or their roles in our world.  I don’t want to review the food or entertainment or the organization of an event.  (I have too many friends who work too hard for me to be publically critical of them and their work.  I am willing to offer constructive criticism in an appropriate private venue.)  I don’t want to become a public calendar like the ones on the websites of the Chamber of Commerce or Smoky Mountain News or The Mountaineer.

So today I am simply asking, “What do you want to see?  Do you want more postings?  More dates?  More listings of events?  Or fewer postings?  More detailed stories about events?  More stories about my life?”

One thought is to have the blog look like this:

Posts occurring about four times a week depending upon what is happening in life and the community.

One or two posts per week that are dates of upcoming events and activities.  The list would include information as far away as a month, give or take.

One post per week that includes all of the current “ongoing” events: movies, skating, jumping, gallery shows, entertainment listings, etc.  This will be updated as new movies are announced or specific artists added, etc.

One or two posts per week highlighting shops, restaurants and galleries throughout the community.

What do you think?  Become a follower and comment so that I can hear from you.